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There are several benefits of working with a drunk driving lawyer. With years of extensive legal experience, DUI or DWI attorneys have the tools and expertise to protect your legal rights in court. They also help salvage your driver’s license, while working hard to lower any fines, penalties, or jail time. Driving under the influence or driving while impaired are serious infractions for drivers. In fact, a driver can lose their driving privileges, which can impact their daily lives and commute to and from work.

Why Choose a Drunk Driving Lawyer?

Drunk or “buzzed” driving is simply not safe for you, your loved ones, or anyone else on the road. Similarly, it can be lethal to operate machinery if you are inebriated. These can result in fender-benders, car wrecks, and even fatalities. You should always avoid driving if you have consumed alcoholic beverages or medicines and/or drugs that make you drowsy or unfocused. Still, there are times when people drink, but are well below the legal limit for getting arrested and fined.

Similarly, an alleged DUI or DWI individual is not bound by law for taking a breathalyzer examination. If you have been arrested or fined for DUI or DWI, you still have rights. In fact, case studies have shown that some officers have used scare tactics in making drunk driving arrests to meet their quotas. Therefore, even the slightest mistake on the part of the arresting officer can result in acquittal of most or all charges. By the same token, you are legally entitled to dispute any and all charges against you in a court of law, including jury or judge-based trials and hearings.

Protect Your Legal Rights

DUI and DWI attorneys understand all the legal intricacies, rules, and standards that govern these types of cases. They also help you navigate the murky waters of court customs and procedures in these cases. Similarly, they gather evidence and point out any discrepancies regarding field sobriety tests, blood draws, breathalyzer tests, and more. Your attorney can help to reduce the sentence—and in some cases— get it completely dismissed. With years of experience, drunk driving attorneys are seasoned, reputable, and always committed to excellence in defending and protecting your legal rights across the board.

Avoiding DUI and DWI Prosecution

Drunk driving lawyers at Hersem Law can help you avoid prosecution on all levels. In fact, they work hard to check if arresting officers are qualified to administer field sobriety tests. They also dig deep to see if these officers have been subjected to disciplinary actions in the past. This may include lying or having a history of issuing tickets without proper protocols or Miranda rights. In fact, anything and everything that can be used against local officers or prosecutors, your attorney will expose to the judge.

At times, the arresting or ticket-issuing officer can have bad history records, only strengthening your case. Your attorney has working relationships with prosecutors that handle these cases and therefore, able to secure pleas or alternate charges that can help protect your driving privileges. DUI attorneys even know how to ask for alternate plea options, appeals, and even ticket or case dismissals. As a result, you simply need a certified, qualified, and dedicated attorney on your side. Most lawyers offer complimentary legal consultations and work diligently to defend your case and keep you out of jail.


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