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An employment lawyer is simply a legal professional practicing labor law. These lawyers offer legal counsel to both employees and employers. Like all other lawyers, employment lawyers are required to complete their law degree before seeking admittance to the bar. Once admitted, they can practice employment law at both the state and federal levels.

You may be wondering what an employment lawyer does. Employment lawyers are experts on matters of workers compensation, occupational health and safety, discrimination, and fair labor standards. The following are some of the functions of employment lawyers:

i) Drafting Employee Contracts

Employment lawyers can help employers draft suitable employment contracts. This may also include nondisclosure agreements, among other things. They can also interpret employment contracts and NDAs to employees who have been offered a job. This interpretation of terms and conditions helps employees better understand their obligations and rights.

ii) Resolving Disputes Involving Employers and Their Employees

When two parties are bound by a contract, a number of disputes can easily arise if one of the parties fails to live up to their end of the deal. For instance, if an employer decides to fire an employee without any notice, the employee can decide to hire an employment lawyer to find out what the issue is and potentially file a wrongful dismissal lawsuit in court. On the other hand, if employees think that they are being overworked or underpaid, they can hire an employment lawyer to help them seek better working conditions. If employees initiate industrial action, such as a go-slow or strike, an employment lawyer can ensure they do not get fired. In addition to that, the lawyer will negotiate with the employer on behalf of the workers.

iii) Advising Employers

While a business owner may know a lot about their product or services, they know little about the law. Because they need to hire employees to help them create a successful business, entrepreneurs should hire employment lawyers to advise them on all issues relating to human resources. In other words, an employment lawyer can help entrepreneurs create a sound work environment under which their employees can offer their services.

Choosing an Employment Lawyer

When looking for an employment lawyer, be sure to compare the experience of local employment lawyers and give special consideration to the most experienced attorneys. You want to hire a competent attorney who charges a reasonable rate for their services. Fortunately, many law firms, such as Snider & Associates, fit the bill.


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