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New York City is one of my absolute favorite places to network. There’s always something going on, and tons of connections to make. They don’t call it the city that never sleeps for nothing.

As many of you know, I travel for my work as a professional networker, but I actually live in a Brownstone in the heart of Brooklyn. This past Sunday, there was an event going on that gave me a chance to expand my connections even further: The Church Network Gala.

The Church Network Gala

I know, I know. Networking? At Church? But you’d be surprised at how many people you can meet and the connections you can make while attending church events, and since this gala was put on by a local chapter of The Church Network, I knew that I would already know a few people from the very church my family has attended for the last twenty years.

Although I did meet the mayor at this event, and built a couple of other connections that can help my business, probably the most interesting person I met was an NYC sex abuse lawyer who was quite the character.

What’s Happening in Brooklyn

While I was chatting with a colleague of mine who also attended the Gala, I overheard this boisterous man talking about how busy his work had been lately, which obviously caught my attention as a networker.

I casually introduced myself and he began telling me all about how the Brooklyn Diocese had recently released a list of clergy members who had credible allegations of sexual abuse made against them, and how he was helping the victims sue the living abusers and even the Diocese itself. Obviously, no real details were divulged here, as that would break attorney-client privilege—just the general facts and how he was eager to get justice for these clients.

This is not the type of connection I’m used to making, and I thought it odd that he would be attending this type of event considering his line of work, until it occurred to me that maybe other abuse survivors would be at this event and feel compelled to speak with this attorney, as well.

Future NYC Networking Events

Since I live in Brooklyn, finding events to attend is not all that difficult, and I always have the option of just heading out for drinks on the Upper West Side one night, or attending events in Manhattan that could really open up opportunities, but there is also an entire world out there that I’m anxious to explore. I’ll be back soon to fill you guys in on where my latest networking connection has led me.


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